Yedidsion Law Group is a boutique law firm dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized representation in personal injury, employment law, and sexual abuse.

Our primary mission is to provide our clients with the necessary focus and individualized legal care that is required to achieve successful results. Every case is unique, and our firm understands how stressful these times may be for our clients. Therefore, we strive to ensure that you receive the highest caliber legal representation so that you are not further victimized by the system itself.

At Yedidsion Law Group, every client receives the personalized attention of an experienced attorney who will zealously pursue all aspects of your legal matter from its very inception. We encourage proactive dialogue between our attorneys and clients in order to foster a deeper understanding of client objectives and effective anticipation of their legal needs. This close-working relationship means that you will always know who is responsible for the progress of your matter, and will be provided with prompt and individualized attention to any questions you may have along the way. This personalized approach is why our firm has become one of the best personal injury and sex abuse law firms in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

With a simple call to our office, our partnership can begin. After that, our first step is to ensure that you are receiving all of the necessary care and representation that you are entitled to.

Second, we begin our investigation. Our lawyers are ready and willing to go as far as necessary to determine the cause, liability, and results of your injury. Our team has the resources to utilize a vast array of professionals to help protect your rights, whether that means getting you the medical attention you need, the financial compensation you deserve, or the protection against intimidating insurance companies, employers, or law enforcement that you require.

After a preliminary investigation, our team will work aggressively and diligently to develop your case. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to help our clients receive adequate compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, financial expenses, and pain and suffering. As one of the best personal injury and sex abuse law firms in Los Angeles, Yedidsion Law Group is committed to you, and will fight to get you the settlement that we know you deserve.


At Yedidsion Law Group, our lawyers in Los Angeles work diligently with our clients to achieve the maximum settlement while protecting your legal interests every step of the way. Let us evaluate your case today, at no charge.

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