Physical bullying or cyber bullying – both forms are devastating to their victims

Has your child been harassed and bullied because of physical or mental disability, physical appearance, or a difference in religious belief or sexual orientation? Do you suspect cyber bullying is the cause of your child’s stress and unhappiness? If so, you are not alone. Statistics on school bullying, released by the National Association of African American Studies (NAAAS) and Affiliates, indicate that one in four students in the United States are bullied on a regular basis.* The lawyers for school bullying at Yedidsion Law Group in Los Angeles have extensive experience assisting children who have been the victims of bullying and other forms of harassment at school. Our firm has proved very successful in getting significant financial compensation from those responsible to help our clients and their families regain their peace of mind.

School bullying can come in many forms. Physical abuse is the most obvious form of bullying and has existed as long as children have attended school. The more subtle forms of abuse can have longer-term emotional effects and be harder to spot by care givers, teachers and parents. The Internet has provided a fertile environment for bullying and this medium can provide the bully with a dangerous means of inflicting harm. This is a serious matter that should be entrusted to a seasoned school-bullying attorney in Los Angeles who is familiar with local regulations of the school systems.

Children who are experiencing any form of bullying may not share their problems with parents or teachers out of fear of appearing immature. One of the early signs of bullying is a change in personality, particularly if the change is sudden. Not all children who are bullied manifest outward signs, as they can be embarrassed by the fact of not being able to defend themselves. They may fear retaliation if parents become involved, especially in schools with inadequate staff to properly supervise the lunch room or outside exercise areas.

Signs that your child may be dealing with a bully are:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Deteriorating academic performance
  • Refusing to eat or over eating
  • Low self esteem – severe self criticism
  • Arriving home unusually hungry from missing lunch
  • Avoiding friends and social situations
  • Refusing to go to school
  • Stomach pain, headaches, stress related anxiety
  • Unexplained physical injuries (not sports related), torn clothes or ‘lost’ clothes & possessions

Protecting children from bullying is the responsibility of teachers and care givers who are charged with maintaining a safe environment in the schools. If you suspect your child is a victim of bullying, and speaking with those responsible has not resulted in improved conditions, your next action should be to consult a school bullying attorney. Los Angeles attorneys Yedidsion Law Group have extensive experience dealing with this sensitive topic and can aggressively advocate for your child’s right to a safe learning environment.

In situations where the bully sends sexually explicit or other inappropriate text messages or posts in the child’s social media pages, a comprehensive approach is needed, involving the parents and teachers of the bully. This is also true where the bullying takes the form of verbal abuse or rumor mongering. Parents are naturally protective of their children and may be unwilling to believe that their child is the source of the problem. In these situations, an uncompromising legal position may be the only way to force those responsible to manage their child. Of course, where the bully is over the age of 18, legal proceedings can be much more directly aimed at the bully.

The anguish and damage caused by bullying can last a lifetime and prevent a child’s academic and future success. School officials have a legal obligation to take reasonable precautions to keep our children safe while they are under their supervision at school. When teachers, faculty, and other school officials fail to properly intervene, they can and should be held accountable for their negligent and inadequate supervision.

If you feel that you or your child’s concerns have been ignored or trivialized by school officials and that your child has been injured emotionally, mentally, or physically, be sure to contact Yedidsion Law Group now for a free consultation. Our school bullying attorneys in Los Angeles understand the deeply sensitive nature of bullying and harassment cases and pride ourselves on our ability to shield victims of bullying and school abuse.

A recent survey of teens conducted by iSAFE, Inc, found that 77% of the bullying experienced by teens is verbal.* This can come in the form of shouting insults or obscenities; spreading rumors; sending texts, emails, or other forms of digital messages; insulting and picking on others; or any form of harassing or abusive behavior. School bathrooms and playgrounds are often inadequately supervised, and therefore become a battleground for victims targeted by bullies. This lack of proper supervision and care by school administrators often makes them responsible for the suffering and torment experienced by the victims of such abuse.

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