At Yedidsion Law Group, we have among the top employment law attorneys in Los Angeles regularly representing clients in disputes involving sex, age and race discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliatory discharge, defamation, unlawful termination, breach of employment contracts, and more. If you have been the victim of an employment law violation, our attorneys will fight for you to ensure that your rights are protected.

Taking action against your employer might seem like a daunting prospect emotionally, physically, and financially. Our firm can help relieve the stress by providing you with honest advice, keeping you informed about the developments in your lawsuit, and getting you the results you deserve.

YSY Law is very experienced in fighting for the rights of those who have had disability discrimination against them. Contact us if you feel like any sort of disability discrimination in applying for a job or being released from a job has occurred. Our team here at Yedidsion Law Group will help with all aspects of your case.

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California is an ‘at will’ employment state, meaning that if you are hired ‘at will’, the employer can dismiss you without giving a reason. Most employers only hire on this basis but you may not be an at will employee if you were given assurances that you wouldn’t be fired if you met certain conditions, especially if this colored your decision to accept an employment offer.

These assurances can be verbal or contained in employee handbooks and if they exist, they provide greater protections for employees who are dismissed. If you are fired without cause, and you feel you are not an at will employee, you will need a highly skilled employment law attorney. Los Angeles attorneys Yedidsion Law Group have decades of experience protecting employee rights ensuring that the employee’s status is correctly acknowledged by the Courts.

As an employee, you may feel powerless when faced with unfair management decisions that impact your livelihood, career and professional reputation. At Yedidsion Law Group, we understand the stress and uncertainty our clients face when involved in employer disputes. You are not alone in your fight. Our expert trial attorneys can you help you to establish a strong case to and protect your rights.

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In California, employers are allowed to dismiss, or discipline an employee at any time and for any reason. However, California law does not permit an employer to terminate or discipline an employee for an illegal reason. Examples of illegal dismissal would include retaliation for reporting workplace hazards or for reporting on sexual harassment. Employees cannot be discriminated against because of gender. Cases of gender discrimination can be difficult to prove in the absence of documentary evidence or witness testimony. Victims of gender discrimination should consult a veteran employment law attorney for Los Angeles violations of the law. The law is constantly being updated to parallel current workplace environments, which requires ongoing continuing education in this field. Our top attorneys are fully up to date on all California employment law changes affording our clients among the best employment law attorneys in Los Angeles.

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YSY Law stays on top of the latest pregnancy laws that an employer must follow. California has many different laws and rules about this. For example: If an employer provides health benefits under any group health plan, the employer is obligated to maintain and continue to pay for health insurance coverage for up to four months while a woman is out on pregnancy disability leave. There are many more laws that Yedidsion Law Group is following and will know if they are getting violated. If you feel like abuse or discrimination is occurring, feel free to reach out to Yedidsion Law Group to find out more about what can be done.

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Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advance or conduct. Sexual harassment covers a wide array of activities such as touching, fondling, pinching, telling off color jokes, or sending sexually oriented jokes via email or text message. Often, the harasser is in a position of power or authority over the victim. Workplace sexual harassment can occur even outside of the office, such as a holiday or office party.

Employers have a duty to keep the workplace free of sexual harassment and if an employee files a complaint, the employer is charged with preventing further occurrences and expressing disapproval to anyone involved. Workplace hostility can arise when employees resist these unwanted advances particularly in cases where the accused is the employee’s superior. In such cases employees are wise to retain the services of a seasoned employment law attorney in Los Angeles who knows the specific California laws concerning sexual harassment. Employee rights can be protected, even in cases of quid pro quo sexual harassment cases where it is implied that continued employment requires sexual activity on the part of the employee.

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Our employment law attorneys are familiar with employer tactics and will fight to make sure that your claim is handled fairly and settled at its best value. As an employee you have rights that are protected by local, state, and federal laws. Your employers cannot discriminate against you on the basis of your age, sex, race, religion, or national origin. You are entitled to a workplace free of sexual and other harassment. You must be paid adequately and appropriately for the time you work, and must be given secured time-off in the event of an illness suffered by you or a member of your family.

If you believe that you have been the victim of any type of employment discrimination, our attorneys at Yedidsion Law Group want to help make sure that your needs are finally met and that your rights are finally protected.  Contact us for a free consultation today at 310-277-4277 to speak with one of the best employment law attorneys in Los Angeles.

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