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Whether you are an adult or a child, sexual abuse is a traumatic experience. It is shattering and destructive. It can leave you with feelings of shame, fear, anger, and disappointment – emotions that are all too often simply too difficult to escape.

Child Sex Abuse

Child sexual abuse is any interaction between a child and an adult (or another child) in which the child is used for the sexual stimulation of the perpetrator or an observer. A central characteristic of any abuse is domination of the child by the perpetrator through deception, force, or coercion into sexual activity. Children, due to their age, cannot give meaningful consent to sexual activity. Find out how our childhood sexual abuse attorneys can help you today.

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Church/Clergy Abuse

Sexual abuse by clergy members happens at a startling rate. Religious organizations can provide a sexual predator with the opportunity to “groom” a child in a setting where there is an implied trust. This violation of trust is one of the reasons why sexual abuse by clergy is particularly harmful to the victims. Our experienced and skilled trial attorneys will ensure that justice is served for such atrocious crimes. Learn more by clicking the button below.

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According to the American Psychological Association, the majority of sexual abuse to children is committed by individuals whom the child knows and trusts. An estimated 60% of perpetrators are known to the child but not their family members. Potential offenders may include family friends, babysitters, child care providers, neighbors or even sports team coaches. If your child has been abused, our expert sexual abuse attorneys can help.

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Because Judith Yedidsion and Jonati Yedidsion are one of the only female sexual molestation lawyers in Los Angeles, they are particularly sensitive to the difficulties faced by sexual abuse and molestation victims. As soon their clients begin to deal with the legal repercussions of their abuse, they are right there to support them, to fiercely advocate on their behalf, and to help them get the justice they deserve.

“Sexual abuse victims need to know two things right away,” says Judith. “They need to know that they are not to blame for what happened to them, and that they have someone on their side wanting and willing to fight for them.”

That is why it so important, Judith maintains, for victims or their parents to contact a sexual assault lawyer as soon as they become aware of the abusive situation.

As experienced sexual abuse lawyers, Judith and Joey understand how to guide victims and their families throughout the entire legal and non-legal process. With a unique balance of patience, sensitivity and understanding combined with fierce advocacy, empowerment and support, they will help you pursue a civil lawsuit not only against the abuser, but also against those responsible for allowing the abuse to occur.

“Sexual abuse” includes every type of contact or interaction that is intended to sexually stimulate the predator – or any third party. Inappropriate touching or fondling can be sexual abuse, as can be any forced or unwanted oral contact, penetration, display of body parts, child pornography, sexual hazing, or lewd harassment.

Victims of sexual abuse can be children or adults, girls or boys, men or women. Sexual abusers can be male or female, teachers, coaches, clergymen, supervisors, coworkers, day care providers, doctors, therapists, and more. Sexual abusers can even be other children, classmates, and teammates.

Underage children cannot legally “consent” to any type of sexual contact or activity. If an adult has any type of sexual contact with a minor, it is sexual abuse.

Victims of sexual abuse or molestation may report the abuse immediately, or they may hide it for years. Sometimes victims, especially those abused as children, don’t have the courage or the strength to come forward until years later. Other times, victims suppress the trauma of the experience and don’t even recall their abuse until years after it occurred. Either way, the law protects you. Whenever the abuse surfaces, victims and their families should deal with it promptly and contact a sexual molestation attorney to represent them right away.

At Yedidsion Law Group in Los Angeles, we will connect you with an experienced sexual assault lawyer. We always focus on providing the most tailored and personalized service that we can to each individual client. To us, your abuse case is not just “another church molestation case” or “one more teacher abuse incident.”

Your abuse case is all about you or your child. We recognize:

  • The physical, mental, and emotional pain that you suffered, and likely continue to suffer.
  • The repercussions of the abuse that you live with on a daily basis in your home life, professional life, and interpersonal life.
  • The difficulties you face in confronting your abuser or dealing with the indifference of those around him or her.

The attorneys at Yedidsion Law Group will want to get to know you, to understand every detail of your case and how it has affected you, and to help you obtain a substantial monetary restitution from those responsible in order to allow you and your family to begin to heal.


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