Safeguarding your right to fair treatment by your employer

As an employee, you may feel powerless when faced with unfair management decisions that impact your livelihood, career and professional reputation. At Yedidsion Law Group, we understand the stress and uncertainty our clients face when involved in employer disputes.

When employers do not play by the rules and ignore the laws that protect their employees, the basic underpinning between labor and business is tarnished. The attorneys at Yedidsion Law Group refuse to let the injustice stand unchallenged.

California Employment Law Exceeds Federal Employee Protection

California law offers greater protection to employees than those guaranteed by Federal law. The combination of Federal and State law is aimed at ensuring the workplace is safe, fair and that employees are not mistreated. While most employers understand the value of keeping their employees happy, there are many who try to pad their profits through unfair practices such as cutting breaks, disallowing paid medical leave or unfairly promoting less expensive younger employees.

Because the law is complex, if you have experienced unfair treatment your best chance at compensation is to retain a tough employee rights attorney in Los Angeles. Local law firm Yedidsion Law Group, has extensive knowledge in the ever-changing labor laws of California. If you feel your employee rights have been violated, do not delay in discovering what your rights are. Time limits for filing lawsuits, as well as rules for procedure, can negatively impact your ability to get compensation for workplace violations.

California Labor Laws Protecting Employee Rights: Los Angeles Area

Whistleblowers should be protected, not punished. An environment that encourages sexual harassment should never be tolerated. Discrimination based on age or race violates basic rights. In recent years privacy rights have become prominent in labor law. Does your employer have the right to retaliate regarding what you post in social media? Can you be forced to take a drug test? Does your employer have a right to monitor your Internet activity at work if done on your breaks?

When you suffer from injustice in the workplace, you need someone in your corner to listen to your concerns; someone who knows the law and can help you assert your rights and protect your immediate and long-term interests. Yedidsion Law Group is committed to helping clients by taking a strategic and informed approach to any employment dispute. The firm offers a full array of employment related representation including:

  • Discrimination based on race, sex, gender, religion, age, disability or pregnancy
  • Sexual harassment or a hostile work environment
  • Wrongful termination or failure to promote
  • Retaliation for reporting illegal conduct, sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Wages and hours worked
  • Medical or compassionate leave and vacation time
  • Privacy violations

Discrimination: Hidden and Destructive Employer Bias

Discrimination has been vigorously challenged for many years and it is rare for an employer to blatantly discriminate or leave evidence of company bias. Victims of race discrimination might be experiencing a workplace where only Caucasians are promoted to managerial positions while people of color are relegated to stocking shelves or other menial jobs. There may be a refusal to promote an employee to a top managerial position whose spouse is of ethnic decent. Women may be passed over due to an assumption they are of child bearing age, thus potentially exposing the company to providing expensive benefits.

Racial or gender discrimination can be seen where there is a pattern of conduct showing one ethnic group or gender being categorized as ‘workers’ and consistently denied managerial or executive positions.

Discrimination cases require special strategies to collect evidence of a pattern of conduct that is harmful to the employee. At Yedidsion Law Group, we use a team approach to assist our clients in assembling evidence, consulting experts where needed and documenting violations of the law.

Employee Rights Attorney Los Angeles – Challenging Employers Breaking the Rules

Another area of violation of labor law concerns the subject of breaks and time off. In California there are strict rules providing for employees to have a rest period and regular meal breaks. Employers must provide an uninterrupted 10-minute break for employees for every four hours worked. This break cannot be deducted from wages. You can agree to skip your 10-minute break as long as you aren’t being forced by your employer. There are subtle ways that an employer can make it uncomfortable for you to take your break and if you feel this is happening to you, contact one of our employee rights attorneys. Los Angeles has a large immigrant workforce and unfortunately some employers take advantage of their position over employees who fear they will lose their job if they take their mandated breaks.

Employers must also provide a 30-minute break if you work five hours or more. If your breaks are not given, you are entitled to one hour of regular pay for each day that your rights to a break are violated. There are instances where an employee can agree to take their meals while working but if so, this does count as time worked and must be paid. There can be no pressure to combine work and meal breaks and must be at the discretion of the employee.

Our employment law attorneys are familiar with employer tactics and will fight to make sure that your claim is handled fairly and settled at its maximum value. As an employee you have rights that are protected by local, state, and federal laws. Employers cannot discriminate against you on the basis of your age, sex, race, religion, or national origin. You are entitled to a workplace free of sexual and other harassment. You must be paid adequately and appropriately for the time you work, and must be given secured time-off in the event of an illness suffered by you or a member of your family.

If you believe that you have been the victim of any type of employment discrimination, our attorneys want to help make sure that your needs are finally met and that your rights are finally protected. Call us at 310-402-2775 for a free confidential consultation.


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